Life does not always go smoothly. You can find yourself facing difficulties and challenges that you don’t feel emotionally strong enough to cope with.  It happens to us all and reaching out to a counsellor is a step towards finding your inner strength, wisdom, and peace again.

People have many different reasons for working with me.

Many clients need support with stress management, anxiety, depression or phobias.  Sometimes it’s only when they are faced with health issues, a bereavement, or relationship difficulties that clients realise they need an impartial, experienced counsellor to hold healing space for them. For others, they have suffered trauma and want to find a way to come to peace.

I also help people who can’t identify the source of their unhappiness or discontent: they know life isn’t working as well as they would like but they need guidance to unlock the answers to a more fulfilling existence.

Whatever the reason you have for working with me, I value your experience, respect your guiding beliefs, and celebrate your individuality.  I place the utmost value on cultivating a safe space for you to heal the past as well as create new, healthy patterns for the future.

“A therapist helps a patient not by sifting through the past but by being lovingly present with that person; by being trustworthy, interested; and by believing that their joint activity will ultimately be redemptive and healing” ~ Irvin Yalom

Outside of my therapy practice, I have a huge love of the outdoors and feel very much in my own skin and alive in spirit while hiking or being by the ocean.  When I am surrounded by nature, I feel recharged and centred.  I also feel a similar healing connection with my dog, Rosie.  As I work with clients I draw on this energy and invite clients to find their equivalent source of grounded connection.

Growing up by the water in Shannon and the limestone of Ballyvaughan, I understand spirituality to be grounded in Mother Earth.  I believe in the healing force of nature.  As I work with clients, I draw on this essence through imagery, breath work, symbolism and individualized ritual.  To me, faith in spirituality is akin to trusting in the process of psychotherapy.  When I was a child the answer to my prayers was my dog, my first friend and secure base.  I believe the universe provides for us what we need and when we need it.