Online Counselling Sessions

Online Counselling Sessions<!– It is not always possible, convenient, or practical to visit me for sessions.  –>I provide online counselling psychotherapy sessions with the same level of attention, care and skill as you would receive from visiting me in person at my clinic in Shannon.

By using services such as Skype and Zoom we can conduct sessions from our respective locations.  Online sessions can make it easier for you if you have difficulty in travelling, have commitments that restrict travel or you prefer to remain in your own environment.

I use both video and voice during our sessions and I recommend my clients to do the same as this creates a sense of presence between us.

What you need to know about online counselling psychotherapy sessions

You will need access to the internet for our online session.  We will connect via Skype or Zoom, both services are free and have apps available should you wish to use a mobile device.

Make sure you are in a safe, comfortable place for your counselling session. Online sessions are not suitable if you are driving or can be distracted: your home or private office environment is ideal.

You need to book an online session with me in advance, just as you would a regular session.

I offer the same levels of confidentiality, professionalism and ethics in my online sessions as I do with my face-to-face clients.

Online clients are subject to the same terms & conditions as clients with whom I meet in person.