FAQ for Teens & Young Adults

What happens in my first session?

At our first counselling session, your parent or guardian accompanies you for the first 10-minutes or so.  Once your parent or guardian has handed over your care to me for the session, we talk about the issues that are troubling you.  During our first session, we also make goals, discuss confidentiality and get to know each other.

Will you tell my parents or carers what we talk about?

No, our sessions are confidential.

There are certain circumstances when I may feel it is necessary to discuss our sessions with others such as your parents or guardians, your GP, or other professional.  These particular situations are if you are at risk to yourself or others, or if you are at risk of harm from someone else.

Does my school or college need to know I’m seeing you?

No, it’s your choice whether you share your sessions or not.

The only time it may be necessary for your school or college to know about your sessions is if you are at serious risk of harm.

I really don’t want to see you but my parents think its a good idea. Will you make me talk about things I’m uncomfortable sharing?

This is your time and space to share as much or as little as you want.

You have a dog. Can I see her?

Yes.  If it helps you in the sessions I can bring Rosie into the therapeutic space.