Dealing with Cultural Issues

Mental Health Blog / Tuesday, June 4th, 2019

With approximately 160 different nationalities now living in Ireland, cultural diversity and its implications play a key part in everyday life.  Social situations, work, and school brings people of various cultures together. Because every culture has unique aspects, this coming together can often cause friction between individuals, resulting in negative stereotypes and discrimination for minority cultures.  To prevent this from happening and to promote a healthy environment for all concerned, there must be minimal levels of patience, empathy, acceptance, and willingness to learn. 

If you belong to a culture that’s in the minority and you feel misunderstood, discriminated against or marginalised by the dominant culture you can benefit from therapy.

Sitting down with a psychotherapist that understands society’s approach to culture, as well as that of the dominant one, is invaluable. A non-judgemental, impartial counsellor can objectively explain how the dominant culture perceives things and how that perception dictates its response to you in a way that makes sense. When you can see life through the other culture’s eyes, you’ll find it far easier to adjust and feel more comfortable in the majority of situations.

In addition, a psychotherapist can teach you how to cope in those circumstances in which understanding and acceptance aren’t enough and patience is required.

If you are a member of a minority culture and are looking for a counsellor that can help you adjust and cope, please contact me.


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