Indicators that you could use the help of a psychotherapist

Mental Health Blog / Thursday, June 6th, 2019

Counselling and Psychotherapy are the most effective treatments that support people to function better in their life and improve their well-being. Unfortunately, all too often, people don’t seek therapy until their problems have nearly destroyed them. This is often because they didn’t know how bad they should allow things to become before they ask for help.

Here are five indicators that it’s definitely time to seek out a psychotherapist.

Stress is destroying your everyday life

Whether it be at work, home, school, or elsewhere, you’re finding it difficult to live out a balanced life.  Focusing is difficult and you couldn’t care less about getting things done. To make it worse, everything seems so complicated and overwhelming.

Nothing you’ve tried has changed your circumstances

You’ve talked to friends, you’ve googled for solutions, even practiced self-help techniques. Maybe joined a gym and improved your diet. Still, not much has changed despite your efforts.


The inability to solve your problems has made you feel like a failure. You didn’t want your friends and neighbours to think less of you, so you’ve begun to avoid them at every opportunity.

Ceaseless worry

Regardless of the time and the environment, you can’t pull yourself out of your head. Even night brings no comfort. You twitch in bed as your mind spins furiously trying desperately to find a solution.


This is possibly the most overlooked red flag. Perhaps you don’t have any obvious problems and it appears that everything is going well. By outward appearances, there’s nothing to complain about, but you just can’t seem to find joy in anything. A feeling of numbness or removal is often an indicator that something isn’t right.

If you have one or more of these indicators in your life, and you’re tired of all the pain and angst, I offer confidential psychotherapy sessions to help you find balance and answers.


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