Exploring your sexuality

Mental Health Blog / Thursday, December 20th, 2018

In essence, sexuality is simple. However, expressing it in a way that brings you fulfilment can be quite daunting.

Your sexuality describes how you sexually express yourself. It can be a glorious part of your identity, if you’re true to who and what you are.  And this is where everything gets complex.

There are at least 17 recognised types of sexuality. With so many possibilities, how do you begin to understand which one defines you?

Believe it or not, the answer lies in your childhood years before you were taught what’s acceptable and taboo within your culture. In that brief age of innocence, when you were fully connected to your feelings, you knew beyond a shadow of a doubt what would make you feel the most sexually aroused.

Those innate desires you were born with are still the same. If you can’t remember what they were, you’re not alone. More than likely you’ve suppressed them due to socialisation and the resulting stigmas stemming from it.

Why not just follow the sexual norms of your culture? Because you’ll never truly appreciate how amazing life can be unless you’re true to yourself in all respects, including sexuality.

Once you discover who and what you are sexually, you need to act on it if you want to feel completely fulfilled as a person. Bravery is required because you may need to go against all previous teaching and it may cause disharmony between you and others. Embracing your true sexuality is a big step and not one that doesn’t come with dealing with turbulent emotions or situations.

Talking to a counsellor can help you deal better with any emotions that come up as well as gently helping you explore what your sexuality means to you.  If you’d like to discuss your sexuality, in confidence, please contact me.

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